learning through play for 6 to 12 months

Learning Through Play for 6-12 months

Mover and Shaker

Pillow Mountains: Your little mover and shaker has an amazing desire to get up and go. So take his attempts to creep and crawl to the next level, literally, by creating a not-too-high mountain of cushions and pillows 

Cardbox Car: Give your child a large cardboard box to push around the room. He may want to take his stuffed animal or toy for a ride in it. If the box isn't too high-you'll most likely find your toddler in the box as well. 

Making Sound: Sew bells onto elastic that will fit comfortably around your child's ankles. Then watch (and listen) as he moves about or jumps up and down.



Once your baby has developed better eye-hand coordination, he'll love adding building and stacking to his repertoire of fun. Any objects that can be placed on top of each other will do: Try offering him wooden, foam, or cardboard blocks, board books, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, and plastic cups. And while he might need your help erecting his skyscraper, he'll definitely want to knock it down all by himself. 


Puppet show

Puppets are fascinating to children. They know that puppets are not alive, yet they often listen to and talk with them as if they were real. 
Have the puppet talk to your child: "Hello. My name is Alan. What's yours? Josh. That's a pretty name. What a great T-shirt you have on, Josh! I like the rabbit on the front of your T-shirt." Or have the puppet sing a simple song. Use a special voice for the puppet. 

To make puppets:

  • Sock puppet: Use an old, clean sock. On the toe-end of the sock, sew on buttons for eyes and nose. Paste or sew on a piece of red fabric for the mouth. Put a bow made from ribbon at the neck.
  • Finger puppets: Cut off the fingers of an old glove. Draw faces on the ends of the fingers with felt-tipped pens. Glue on yarn for hair.


    Roll and Hole

    1. In the top of the Shoe box cut 3 holes that are big enough for an empty toilet-paper roll to slide through easily. 
    2. Sit on the floor together and show the child how to put a roll into each hole.


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