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Cleaning children’s teeth just got smarter!


Introducing Xgel: an innovative way to prevent early childhood tooth decay.


Dear Childbirth educator,


Many of you may remember me from Baby Talk’s May 2009 Roadshow. I presented a talk on “The Prevention of Early Childhood Caries (ECC)”, a disease of epidemic proportions worldwide in the under 5’s. As a full-time children’s dentist in private practice in Jhb., I know this first hand. Our very young children are still suffering from what is a preventable disease.


A lot has happened to me since that Roadshow, in large part due to the tremendously positive response from those who attended. Many of you were inspired to take this preventative dental message to your own families as well as to all the moms, and moms-to-be, whom you met in your personal and professional lives. I’ve also spoken around the country to groups of dentists, oral hygienists, dental therapists and dental nurses. The preventative word is spreading! We need more dental professionals informed about preventative care and to provide this for very young children.

However, education alone won’t wipe out this disease. We need products parents can use. This is why it has been so exciting to be part of the development of Xgel, an innovative product which combines the dental benefits of Xylitol with calcium and phosphate minerals to strengthen ‘immature’ tooth enamel as baby teeth erupt. We now have a gel to clean the mouths of new-born babies to prevent harmful bacteria establishing themselves. A lifetime of oral health starts right from the beginning. I am launching the Xgel, along with its applicator sponges (Xgel sponges), at Baby Talk’s January-February, 2010 Roadshow. I do hope you will be able to attend the Roadshow and allow me to introduce these innovative dental products to you.


I know many of you stock products in your practices, so I have taken the liberty to include a price-list if you wish to order them. Simply e-mail your order to orders@teethforlife.co.za. (At present these products are only available from Teethforlife,  participating pharmacies and Childbirth Educator practices).

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours in oral health.

Dr. Angela Gilhespie.

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