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Elmarie Peters from Pietermaritzburg is an experienced midwife with years of experience.

She has a husband and two daughters.  Anyone looking for a beautiful home birth with antenatal classes and one on one care throughout your pregnancy.


Natural Births


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Practice number: 0535664


033 39696930846 371755



Natural Birth Services

To help couples prepare for and achieve natural birth, I offer the following services, counseling and guidance:

  • Antenatal Classes: a series of 6 Antenatal Classes from approximately the 28th week of pregnancy. classes cover Information about labour and natural birth, Skills and Techniques to empower you during labour, Father’s Role, Emotional Connection.
  • Connecting with your Unborn Baby: during these sessions you will be guided to connect with your unborn baby through deep meditation and visualization and learn techniques that will open the lines of communication between you and your unborn baby.
  • Waterbirth : water is used for pain relief during labour and if labour progresses well, birth takes place in the water. The baby will only breathe once s/he is lifted out of the water.
  • Homebirth: many women prefer to give birth in the privacy and comfort of their home. A professional midwife brings the necessary midwifery equipment to your home to assist at the natural birth.
  • Gentle Birth: the atmosphere is calm and gentle and the midwife protects this space for you as you labour and give birth.
  • Hospital Birth: for those of you who feel safer in a hospital setting, your midwife will guide you through the labour and birth in hospital yet protect your privacy and facilitate the gentle birth of your choice.
  • Postnatal Care: Home visits after the birth, to assist and guide, are a godsend in the early days after birth.
  • Aware Parenting Consultations: Non-violent and feeling parenting skills to keep you in touch with yourself and connected with your newborn and growing infant. Healing of traumatic birth experiences for mother and baby is also facilitated in these consultations.

If you would like any further information or to talk to her about Natural Birth, don’t hesitate to Contact Marianne

Marianne and I work together as a team.. I am her doula at homebirths when she is in KZN or I am in CT.



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