More oxytocin please ......

mce_markermce_markerTantricBirth focuses on a session based model of care in part to build intimacy between the birthing mother, her partner(s) and her care providers.  One reason to build this intimacy is because the physiology of birth tells us that the existence of deep bonding between those present in the birthing room increases her ability to create her own Oxytocin.  When mom creates her own Oxytocin, she not only enables her uterus to contract and her milk to let down, she also inspires orgasmic responses, lowers her blood pressure and heart rate, increases her maternal and intuitive instincts and much, much more.  Oxytocin is a vital tool for this huge life transition!

MORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE! is a class designed to teach anyone who may find themselves in the birthing room or educating those who may be in a birthing room about the science of Oxytocin, how to increase its presence in the birthing room and how to sense when your body is releasing it.  You will learn the ins and out of this powerful “love hormone” and find yourself in the experience of being in the Oxytocin Loop.

This online version of the class will leave you with a toolkit of practices but have the experience of being calm and connected…

THAT is the power of Oxytocin!

  1. Mothers

  2. Partners

  3. Supportive friends and family

  4. Doctors

  5. Nurses

  6. Midwives

  7. Doulas

  8. Childbirth Educators

The desire to have an embodied, empowered and transformative birthing experience is alive and well today.  Meet this desire with information and exercises.  This class can help you transform the birthing experience for women and their families!


“I finally know what Odent means when he says love!  After taking the mini version of this class I am going to refocus all my prenatal visits around building intimacy.”  Miriam Abrin home birth midwife for over 30 yrs and former L&D nurse

“One smart lady!”  Penny Simkin

“The more I learn that makes me happy about Oxytocin, and the more I learn that makes me furious about Pitocin, the more I know I have much work to do in the only 40 good years I have left to bring ‘Peace on Earth, One Birth at a Time’.”