Bryden Geoffrey Giles

Birth of Bryden Geoffrey Giles                                                        

Born at Medi-Clinic on the 1st April 2012 at 21h20

Weight 3.6kg and head circum. 36cm and length 51cm.


Sunday morning my phone rang at about 8am to ask if I was awake and this was the day Bryden decided to be born.  Tam had felt very little movement from the night before so we got together at Medi-Clinic at 10h00 to check on the baby.  The baby’s heart rate and movement were fine but Tam had a bladder infection which is a common problem in late pregnancy so her gynaecologist decided that she would start an antibiotic orally and the machine was showing that Tam was already in early labour.  Tam stayed focused and remained calm throughout the day and told the staff that she was doing this naturally so they gave up asking her if she wanted medication.

Every time a mother goes into labour I remind myself that every birth is different.  Some births are easier than others, but I am constantly reminded that the word “labour” means exactly what it says.

Tam worked very hard and remained focused throughout the birth of her baby. She had Alan’s support all day and I was there to help. Tam used entonox which is gas and oxygen equal quanties and it helped her get through some of the painful contractions which made her concentrate on the gas rather than the pain of each contraction.

Ice, water touch and calming words are crucial at this stage of the labour process.


A grasp seeking strength and a sigh searching for relief.


The reward was a happy healthy baby that spent the first hour of his life on his mother’s chest doing what baby’s do best, receiving all the love and attention his parents could give him.  What an important time!  Bryden had time to enjoy his parents company without been removed to a nursery where he would be alone.     A relaxed happy baby!