Benjamin Mark

Benjamin Mark is Donovan s little brother and he decided on his own birthday. Saturday morning really early Kirsten started her labour and gave me a wake up call at about 5am.  I got down to Ballito to find Kirsten having good steady contractions. I did some counter pressure and reassured her that all way going well.

Within a few hours we made our way to the hospital and the contractions were very strong and Kirsten was 6cm and decided after having a previous c section that she would have a caesar as an epidural was not an option.  Within a few minutes we were all in theatre and little Benjamin Mark was born. He did skin on skin and stayed with his Mum on her chest till we all went upstairs to the Maternity Ward.

No bathing was done and in fact Benjamin stayed on Kirsten s chest until the following day.

He is breast feeding well and Kirsten has the best breast milk ever!!!!  150ml on day 3 before she feeds Ben.


Way to go Kirst!!

You are a wonderful mum to your boys and they are going to enjoy playing on the farm together.