Sisanda went into hospital on the night of the 4th July for an induction as her baby’s fluid was getting low.  I arrived at the hospital early in the morning and found her to be 1 cm. Her gynaecologist Dr Candice Roberts ruptured her membranes at 08h30 and she went into very strong contractions almost immediately.  She was not able to cope with these contractions even though we walked up and down the corridors and she went to the loo regularly. By 2 cm she asked for an epidural and that was administered at 11h00. By 12h00 she was 5cm and by 13h30 she was 9 cm.  Her labour was going fast.   Sanda slept well after the epidural and I sat next to her and read.  Her husband went home for some work and by 13h30 when she was nearly fully dilated we could not contact him on his cell.  This caused some disappointment for Sanda and it was a very tense time with me phoning him all the time and leaving messages and then we phoned his friends and somehow they managed to contact him.  Dr Roberts arrived at 14h30 and all systems were on the go and still no DAD... Help!

Dr Roberts was able to leave the pushing for a little while so that she had more sensation as they had turned off the epidural by now.  At Last!  Dad arrived and we were all a team again.

Anesu arrived after a few pushes and he came into the world so calmly. Dr Roberts left his cord to stop pulsating before the Dad cut the cord.  Thus allowing the baby to get the amount of nutrition to last him a full first two days into his new life.How exciting is that!

Baby never left the ward and Sanda kept him warm on her chest skin to skin. He also played with her nipple and went to sleep. Dad was so proud and took a million photos and video.

This was probably one of my best births in a hospital environment.  Well done to all the staff and especially to Dr Candice Roberts.

I left a smiling new family to drive back to Hilton at 17h00.