Zakiya and Imran's birth of their new baby daughter..

Zakiya gave me a call during the year to say that she was having her second baby.  I helped birth her first baby boy in December 2 years ago. I had an sms to say that on Monday she was having a heavy feeling in her lower tummy with pains every now and again.  This went on for 5 days and most nights we spoke at length and tried to decide if  this was false labour or real labour and then 10 days before the due date Zakiya's pains became regular and she went off to see her gynaecologist and was put into the labour ward at 3/4 cm.  I arrived after some very slow traffic bumper to bumper with a husband driving me down to Durban having ants as he thought we would not make the birth. 42 km per hour was how bad the traffic on the 23rd December was from Pmb to Durban on the N3..  so slowly I had to pace him (as a  doula I gave him step by step facts and told him how good he was doing)  I arrived at the hospital to find Zakiya having a small lunch and she was so calm.  All so exciting for me to see just how a previous good labour results in a mum happy and confident for the next birth...  this is very exciting to see as a doula!!!!  the pains became strong and she coped so well on a birth ball for an hour and then I ran the birth pool.  Zakiya listened to me and together we coped with the pain which was very strong and within a short while she gave birth to a beautiful daughter weighing in at 3.175kg and the time was 15h48.. Fantastic Zakiya, well done darling you were amazing!

Her little girl was born with her one hand under her chin so the gynae asked me to tilt the mum onto her side and change position and as soon as we had done this her little baby's body slid out.. Delayed cord cutting, then the doula got to cut the cord!!!  and then straight onto mum's chest for skin on skin and breast feeding after a few minutes.

We made a good team!  a fabulous birth and what a super Christmas present for both of us. a healthy baby girl and sister to her brother.

I drove home in absolute heaven..... a calm mother a beautiful birth .  What a combination.