Molly Joy Walker


Molly Joy Walker was born at 19h20 on Friday night the 20th April 2012.

With the due date getting closecloser and closer there was much excitement building in the Walker family.  All the usual signs appeared at the right time and two days before Molly arrived, Paula visited with all her bits and pieces.  Rehydrat, mixture for ice cubes, Sweeties, babygros, nappies and the kitchen sink. there was much discussion over tea as to when and how the birth would take place and the pool was given the once over to make sure all was in order. the scene was set for the young ladies arrival and with final arrangements concluded, paula and marianne left for the farm. there over the next two days, walks were the order of the day, here there and everywhere. apart from mum and midwife becoming the fittest in the midlands, molly had had enough and decided to make her presence felt. this was evidenced by some strong contractions during a few minutes in a warm bath.

the general consensus was that all haste should be used to get paula to hilton without delay and ryan did a splendid job in double quick time. the trip was not without incident as paula was fairly close to giving birth on the back seat. a startled lady at the toll plaza whacked the 'boom up' button with gusto and the four wheeled labour ward fled for hilton. a little dirt in the fuel line caused some distress on the way, but the car made it safely.

paula made the birth pool in time and ryan climbed in to help hold her. 25 minutes later, little molly arrived, 3,35kgs, and 54 cms long. she was placed on her mums chest to be welcomed with all the love and attention her parents could give.