Jack William

Birth of Jack William Sivright on the 25th February 2013.


I went down to Salt Rock on the night of Kelly’s due date.

Intuition or gut feeling that the baby might make it’s appearance!


I awoke to find Kelly sitting on my bed and telling me that her labour had started at 03h30 and it was now 05h00 and she wanted to let me know.  We went up onto the roof and had some tea and enjoyed the breaking of the dawn. A beautiful KZN morning and a new chapter in Kelly and Gareth’s life was about to begin.

Photo: Salt Rock Good Morning!



After a brief period of sitting and lying on the sofa Kelly felt the need to move around and we walked a little and she swam in the pool. It was then time to jump into a nice warm bath and relax.  Kelly spent a good deal of time enjoying the warmth of the bath which she found to lessen the pains and keep her grounded.  I massaged her and listened to her breathing through the contractions which were lasting a good 40 seconds and coming every 2 minutes.

This was the time to move to the hospital and Kelly was 6cm when she was monitored by the midwife on duty. Kelly got into “the zone” and listened to what her body was needing at that time.

Kelly had a shower and walked a lot. She never took any medication so this was a completely natural labour. Before long Kelly was fully dilated and ready for the Gynaecologist to arrive.  The last stage of her labour was a long and hard one. Kelly persisted and little Jack William was born at 13h30 and weighed 3.3kg.

Gareth was allowed to help birth his son by putting his hands around his shoulders and bringing him up to meet his Mum.


Skin on skin, delayed cord cutting and a beautiful quiet time was the order of the day!

What a fabulous active birth Kelly and Gareth "Well done you were amazing!"

Photo: Jack William Bedell-Sivright born at 13:40 weighing in at 3.36kg, Kel is a legend and doing so so well!! Greatest day of my life.