Cullen Giles

Tammy and Allan came to see me for their first baby Bryden and his birth was natural. Now Tammy was having her second baby boy and knowing a lot more than a first time Mum.

labour started on a weekend and Tammy knew the ropes.  We all went down to Medi Clinic and active labour had began. With no medication Tammy chose to stay in the shower on a birth ball with the relief of the hot water on her lower back.

Dr Amod was in Johannesburg which was disappointing but to our delight she had already landed at King Sharka so she arrived after an hour.  This was not a problem as Tammy still had a way to go.

after a short time Tammy felt the urge to push so I asked the midwife to see how she was progressing and she told us that Tammy still needed more time.

before I could turn around I noticed the baby s head making an appearance. The midwife jumped into action and the baby was born without Dr Amod.  This sadden me as she was only minutes away and could easily have been there for Tammy.

The birth was quick and Tammy and Allan have a healthy little boy  "Cullen".