Lara Robyn Smith

Lara Robyn Smith born in Cape Town at Constantiaberg Clinic.

Born at 17 h 17 on the 17th January 2011.

I arrived in Cape Town to do Lara ‘s birth and she took her time and kept Nina on the hop.  We waited many days until Dr Caro Nel (gynaecologist) decided that her head was not going down into the pelvis so she arranged a c-section for 17h00 that same day.  What a relief!

Lara was born with much love in the theatre and she was a good weight and size.  The time of  her birth was 17h17 on the 17th January 2011.   Nina s family were at the hospital and they saw her immediately after the c section.  Nina and Richard had their little girl to love.

I helped Nina for the first few days in the hospital and had time to hold and love Lara while Nina had a good sleep.  She breast fed well and I left Cape Town to fly back to KZN leaving a beautiful family.


From Mum and Dad -  Smith

Thanks for all your help and support over the last few days Ginny. Could not have done it without you.

You are so knowledgeable and understanding. Love Nina and Richard.