Zakira and Bhayla

Baby born on the 15th December  2010

A little girl born at 12h50 at Medi-Clinic.. This birth was medically induced and the labour was terribly strong from the onset.

Zakira came into the hospital the night before and I joined her at 06h00.  Her husband was strong and very good at caring for his wife. We walked around the hospital and she had a shower and went on the birth ball.

The labour pains were so strong that we all worked very hard to keep Zakira calm which I managed and she gave birth quickly to a baby girl at 12h50 no medication.

Dr Hadley-Grave her gynaecologist was busy all morning so he only managed to come when the baby was crowning.

She weighed 3kg.

Well done to Zakira for being so calm throughout her labour. This was the second baby for Zakira.