Rex was born on the 17th June 2012

The 17th June is "Fathers Day" and what a beautiful day to be born.  Ross was so excited to be having a son and it was on a special day too!

The girls were going to meet their new baby brother.

I was off to a birth early in the morning on that Sunday when I phoned Carla to see how she was feeling.  Hmmm.. she said "i feel like I am getting flu"  oops was my reply that sounds like the beginning of labour. We decided to keep in touch and I worked all day with a birth from 6am to 6pm.  I left the hospital and got home to dinner and a warm bath.  Popped into the kitchen for tea when the phone rang and Carla said remember this mornings flu... "Yes" i said.. well the pains are regular and getting a little hard to manage. I went back to the same hospital ward and the same labour room.. what a strange experience having been there all day to be back with different staff etc.

Carla was a star and she progressed well and I was able to help her with the pain management. Ross was at her side giving her massages and feeling part of the whole labour process. He told me that the last two births of his daughters were difficult and he had felt that he had no idea how to help Carla during this difficult time.  After a few hours and before midnight Carla birthed her little boy "Rex".  He was perfect and healthy and had a good time on his mum's chest and fed well too..

Instead of being exhausted I felt full of energy and got home just before 3am.

Took a few hours to relax and settle and I slept like a log..

Went to visit Carla and Rex the next morning and they were happy to be leaving the hospital and on their way back to their farm and the two big sisters were waiting to see their new brother.