Maisie Lola Binns



Gynaecologist  - Dr S Amod.    Pmb    KZN.

Cara rang me at midnight to say she had some pains. She went down to the hospital but she was told that she was not in labour so she came back home and tried to sleep. I got the next call at 04h00 to say that the contractions were strong now and would I collect her from her home.  There was Cara standing in the road in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. We drove down to the labour ward and arrived close to 5am. Cara was in strong labour and when her husband arrived at 07h00 and the gynaecologist at the same time she was found to be 7cm dilated.  It was only a few minutes later that she was ready to push. Thank Goodness the gynaecologist had remained at the hospital as she thought this might happen and she was not looking to face a traffic jam at this time of the morning.

Cara gave birth beautifully with no medication and she was incredibly calm throughout the labour and the birth. Maisie weighed 3.4 kg, head circum 34 cm and her length was 51 cm.   I was her doula to her first baby Brody and now to Maisie  16 months later.  What a difference this birth was to her first birth.  It is all about being informed and having no fear.  Well done Cara and Doug, you make my life very special.

I now know why I am a doula loving every birth that I do!