Born :    20TH March 2010

DOULA           Virginia Oosthuizen

PARENTS      Simen and Shameen Pillay

Shameen rang me to say that she was in MediClinic due to high blood pressure.  The gynaecologist had decided to do a Caesar at 36 weeks due to the BP. Within one hour I headed off to the theatre with Shameen and her little baby girl was born at 11h47.  She was very strong and only needed a little oxygen.  Her weight was 2.126kg and her length was 44 cm and her head circum was 33cm.

I had the wonderful blessing of getting her dressed and staying with her for the first two hours.  Her mum had a general anaesthetic so she was asleep for some time.  Her milk supply came in well and little Ariyah had a good strong suck.  Due to her coming early she got jaundice and stayed in hospital for a few days.

Ariyah is home after 5 nights in hospital and she is sleeping and drinking well. Shameen is expressing her milk and giving it to Ariyah in a bottle as she gets very tired when drinking from the breast.  Daily she goes onto the breast to get used to it again.

She is a beautiful baby girl who looks like an angel.

Proud parents and grandparents she has MANY......