Birth Stories

Thank you letters from some of my doula mum's

Ginny - you are an amazing woman, showing so much compassion, love and support at any time of day or night!!

You are so dedicated and passionate about what you do - its inspiring! Babies are your thing.... and you help any mother remain calm because you genuinely care and take the time with each of your mom's and their journeys. You always give so much of yourself unconditionally - thank you!

So glad we have crossed paths xxx Kirsten and Gareth 10/5/2013

Thanks Ginny! Couldn't be doing this without you!

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Doula Dads say this:
Frans Swanepoel "When we have our second baby I will fly you from wherever you are to be our doula.”
Kevin Fyvie "I would pay triple the amount to have Ginny at our next birth of our baby."
Graeme Farley "I would definitely use Ginny again and trust her implicitly with our daughter and my wife."