Comfort measures for labour A - Z

A – Z  Comfort Measures


A  -  agile, affirmations, aroma

B  -  birthing ball, back rub, baby dance, breathing

C  -  cold pack, candles, counter pressure

D  -  drink frequently, doula, dance

E  -  encouragement, eating, efflurage

F  -  fan, flowers, food

G  -  goal – cope with 1 contraction at a time, grunt

H  -  heat packs, hugs, humour

I  -  ice, imagery, intuitive

J  -  jokes – keep your sense of humour, jiggle, jump

K  -  kindness, kisses, kegel

L  -  loose fitting shirt, love, lemon scent

M  -  music, massage, movement

N  -  nutrition, nurse support, nurtures

O  -  oil for massage, open-mindedness, open glottis

P  -  pillows, praise, position change, pressure

Q  -  queries, quiet, treat like a queen

R  -  relaxation, rest reassurance,

S  -  support – emotional and physical, smells, stretch

T  -  tens, touch, tension release, talk

U  -  unbelievable concentration, urinate, upright

V  -  visualisation, vocalise, view

W  -  water, walk

X  -  Xclude interventions, Xcellent, Xcited

Y  -  yahoo – another contraction gone, yell, yellow ball

Z  -  zoom-in – your baby is nearly here, zzz




A – Z Teaching Techniques


A  -  agree/disagree, audiovisuals, affirmations

B  -  brainstorming, buzz groups, bag-it

C  -  competition, cartoons, crosswords, case studies

D  -  demonstration, debate, displays, drama, discussion

E  -  evaluation, exaggerated appearance (costumes)

F  -  fun, feedback, food, film review, fish bowl

G  -  ground rules, graffiti poster, group work, games

H  -  handouts, homework

I  -  ice breakers, introduction, interviewing

J  -  journaling, jeopardy

K  -  kinesthetic activities

L  -  lecture, leading question

M  -  models, music, movement, mnemonics, matching

N  -  needs assessment, note taking, name tags

O  -  open discussion, observations, open-ended question

P  -  panel, pictures, problem-solving, poetry, prizes

Q  -  questions in a hat, questionnaire, quotes, Q&A

R  -  role play, return dem, rehearsal, reading, research

S  -  songs, suggestion box, story telling, skits, simulation

T  -  teachable moments, team teaching, talking together

U  -  understatement

V  -  videos, visualisation, visuals

W  -  word search, warm-up

X  -  eXercise

Y  -  yes/no/maybe

Z  -  zeal