Colostrum is what we call "gold" milk



First of all, let us look at what makes the colostrums produced in those very first hours so special.

It is a real concentration of antibodies, containing huge amounts of those substances that protect us against invaders, be they microbes, viruses or another person’s living cells. The newborn and the placenta cannot make” IgA” on their own. These are produced during the first few hours after birth in tens of milligrams per millilitre, and they protect the fragile mucous membranes of the bowels and the respiratory tract.

In the colostrums of the first hours there are millions of immune-active cells per cubic millimetre; the following week they can be counted only in the thousands.  Colostrum is an army able to suppress any kind of infection.

At birth the intestine is very permeable to foreign proteins, viruses, microbial toxins and germs. But the mucous membrane will get stronger all the more quickly the more colostrums the baby consumes.

Colostrum has an enormous quantity of fatty acids – especially its long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are similar to those found in fish oils and in some precious plant oils such as evening primrose.  This is an important topic because the human being is characterized by the huge development of the brain, and the brain is to a great extent made up of fatty substances.  It is an if human colostrums was destined to meet the first nutritional needs.

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Quotes taken from Michel Odent’s book.