Stress is bad for milk production

If you are stressed there will be a decrease in prolactin

How does the milk get produced?

The amount of milk produced depends on how often the baby suckles.

When you feed the baby, the suckling motion causes hormones to be released into your bloodstream from the pituitary gland in your brain. The hormones released are oxytocin and prolactin.

Oxytocin causes the mammary glands in the mothers' breast to contract, so milk is released and flows to the baby. Many women experience this as a pulling sensation or a tingling in the breasts, when the baby begins suckling. The prolactin controls the amount of milk produced.

How often your baby suckles controls the amount of milk produced, but this does take a few weeks to settle down.

In the early weeks, it can feel as though you have too much or too little milk. This is normal and if the baby is allowed to suckle regularly, the 'supply and demand’' system will settle down, until your body is producing exactly the right amount of milk for your baby.

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