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Is it colic?

Is it colic?


If you have eliminated all other possibilities and your baby is still crying constantly, particularly during the evening, he may be suffering from colic. This is a common cause of crying, and is very distressing for parents and babies.

The baby screams as if in pain, goes red in the face and sometimes pulls his knees up to his tummy. Bouts of colic can last for hours, and often end with the baby passing wind or a motion, then settling down.

Colic is sometimes referred to as three month colic because babies usually only suffer from it during their first three months. The cause of colic is unknown and there is no guaranteed cure, but if your baby seems to be suffering from this type of pain, consult your doctor.

Your doctor will check that your baby is healthy, and reassure you that it is ‘just’ colic. There are plenty of remedies you can try to ease the symptoms:

  • Colic drops These contain simethicone which helps break down bubbles in milk feeds in the stomach, allowing swallowed air to be brought up more easily by the baby
  • Homeopathic colic granules These are available from a chemist’s, or you may prefer to visit a homeopath
  • A dummy This can help satisfy the baby’s need to suck and reduce the level of crying
  • Gently rubbing his tummy in a clockwise direction with a little almond oil. This comforts some babies and may relax the parents a little, too!

Try not to feel inadequate or guilty - you may simply have to accept that your baby is going to cry, but it is only temporary and the bouts of colic will eventually cease.


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