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Your 7 week old baby

Your 7 Week Old Baby

Baby Week 7

Is baby talk ok? Many professionals say no, although they say you should definitely communicate with your baby verbally on a daily basis. Baby talk is the sound a baby makes as he is is learning how to pronounce words. Studies have revealed that babies learn words and speech quicker when the people who are around them the most talk normally.

When you talk to your baby, give him details about what you are doing whether it is dressing, nursing, or changing his diaper. Tell him, "Mommy is changing Alex's diaper." so that he starts associating you as Mommy and him as Alex. Even though he cannot answer you, you should also ask him questions. "Are you hungry, Alex?" "Do you have a wet diaper?" Later on, your baby will start to understand these things and react by laughing or kicking his legs when you get the question right.

Week 7 Milestones

By week seven, some babies have mastered rolling over one direction. This is a big accomplishment for your baby and it should be celebrated. Clap and cheer, letting your baby know you are proud of him. Clapping to your baby will also teach him to clap. You might start noticing your baby bringing his hands together in clapping motions around this time.

What Might Concern You at 7 Weeks

Baby Week 7

For years, moms have liked to brag about their babies. Even if you try to avoid it, the natural tendency will be to compare your baby to your friend's baby. You might find yourself asking if there is something wrong with your baby if he isn't smiling as much, or holding his head up for as long as your friends baby of the same age. The best thing for you to do is remember that all babies are different and achieve milestones at different rates. Also, know that there will come a time when your baby will reach a milestone before your friend's baby.

This Time Last Year...

You weren't even pregnant yet. How did you imagine having a 7 week old baby would be then? Visit our Fun Birthday Facts Calculator for more trivia about your baby's birthday like what happened on that day in history, when your baby will be driving, and more!

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