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The Capricorn Baby Dec 22 to Jan 19

The Capricorn Baby


December 22 - January 19 
Planet - Earth 
Element - Saturn

The Capricorn baby has a plan from day one and will definitely stick to it! A bit on the serious side, this is a child who is disciplined, methodical, and highly organized to boot. Is this really a child?! Well, yes and no. Not adventurously inclined, the Capricorn baby almost seems dull, but they are simply taking time with things, learning lessons slowly, so as to learn them well. This child enjoys feeling important from an early age, so don't hesitate to give them responsibilities. The Cap baby is up to the task! They also understand things better as they get older and appreciate the merits of a reward system. Good deeds are repaid in kind! This babe will rejoice and will happily live with that precept in mind. When it comes to learning, the Cap baby shouldn't be rushed, preferring to follow their own pace of discovery. Early lessons will be of the organizational kind which is how this tot's mind operates. Organizing the play group will be play indeed. As with everything, the Cap baby will be hyper-focused and determined. Even speaking will be undertaken with great effort and diligence, leading many Cap babies to bypass babbling and go straight to chatter! To sum up, the Capricorn baby prefers to play it safe, enjoying the efforts of a job well done.

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