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baby stimulation for a baby of 6 weeks

  • Start by talking to your baby when he is awake. Tell him what you are doing, sing to him, tickle him, and play with him. In doing this you will learn what makes your baby happy, and what upsets them. Give your baby just enough interaction, and try not to over do it.
  • Let your baby play on the carpet or a play mat with different shapes, textures and plastic mirrors and objects on it to give his neck and growing brain a workout. Feel free to lay down with him during "tummy time" and "meditate" (that's parent code for "relax").
  • While you're puttering around getting chores done, move baby around the house with you. The change of scenery will stimulate his mental and visual development. Things are still pretty blurry to him, but his vision is improving as the weeks go by.
  • Your baby's neck muscles are getting stronger and he may be able to hold his head up almost 90 degrees now, just for a little bit. If you pull him up from the bed by his arms, he'll make an effort to raise his head up as you do it. (Kinda like you when you're trying to raise your head up to get out of bed to feed him at midnight.)
  • If you're breastfeeding, some time in the next few weeks your little baby may suddenly go from having three to nine poo's a day to having only one a day (or less). This is totally normal, so don't worry! Baby is only constipated if he's passing hard, dry poo's. If they're the texture of applesauce, it's all good.

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