Payments by EFT .. for the mum's meetings

Mums and babes get together - monthly

I enjoy all my doula mums getting together at my home once a month and I invite a guest speaker.  This is a space where the mums can meet and share. Gain confidence in their baby skills.  They usually end up by making new friends and seeing each other often.  We discuss all issues of mothering and babies.   This helps with post partum-depression as they can share their stories and feel special.  I have introduced a “toy club” where each baby can take home a toy for the month.  These are educational toys which are big items for parents to buy.  Your baby/toddler can enjoy a new toy every  month. The charge is R100 per month.

Payments to V A Oosthuizen, Nedbank Ltd, Account number 1001908589, code 15192500, Amt : R100 monthly before each mum's meeting

thanks Ginny

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0 #1 Virginia Oosthuizen 2011-10-24 19:41
new toys arrived today from Durban...

What I Do

I am living my dream while working with mums and babies. I see mums when they are 34 weeks pregnant and then go to their homes once they go into labour. I stay for the full duration of the labour and after the birth I assist them with breast feeding. I do another visit after the birth to see that all is well and to help where I can.  Mums are always welcome to call me in the event that they have any questions, whether before or after the birth. I am passionate about my work as a doula and I care and love all the families with which I work. Once you have been present at a birth you feel part of the family and it’s wonderful to hear news of the new baby’s life as he or she grows.

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