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Your baby has arrived - take a look at his/her body


He will respond by turning towards you. He will also become quiet when you speak to him.


He can see clearly for a distance of 20 to 25cm and will gaze at you. Eyes can be puffy at birth from the pressure.

Dark blue eyes when born and the true colour from approx 6 months.


He can turn her head to look at you. The soft fontanelles are where the skull bones aren't completely closed and this allows the head to compress enough to fit through the birth canal.  The rear fontanelle takes about 4 months to close, while the front one takes 9 to 18 months.


Your baby has a strong sucking reflex.


skin covered in vernix and often red when born. Some baby's have downy hair on their bodies especially if premature.


Legs are tightly curled up and his feet are curled in.  Breasts and genitals may look swollen because of the hormones.


Often curled up most of the time. When he is startled he will spread his hands, fingers and legs. Born with a grasp reflex so will hold anything you put in his hand.

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