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Understanding your newborn

Photo: Nick 10 days old!

How a newborn baby looks like

If your baby is the first newborn you have seen you may be surprised. A newborn usually does not look like a model baby. however, within a few days, his features will soften. In a few weeks he will look much more like the baby you expected.


Newborns Appearance Peculiarities


The newborns baby's skull is made up of a number of seperate bones which are not firmly joined together for future growth and allowing head to mould to the shape of the birth canal.
With in 48 hours head will be rounder and in a week or two in a normal shape


Your new borns eyes may look puffy swollen or red streaked. This is mainly result of the pressure during birth.Eyes that do not move together will begin to move together in few weeks or months


White Coating(vernix): Protective coating in the uterus, which will wash off or soon disappear.

Birthmarks: Virtuallly all babies have some kind of birth marks and in most cases it vanishes on its own. Doctors can tell you more about the nature of your newborns birthmark.

Bluish hands or feet: Baby's circulation is not yet efficient at getting the blood around to the extremities. They turn pink again when baby is moved.


Any other discharge produced by ears than wax needs doctors attention. Hearing can now be tested very accurately from the birth onwards.Many hospitals perform hearing screening on babies before they leave for home.


Swollen breasts are perfectly normal for babies of both the sexes. It may leak a few drops of milk.The swelling happens because preparing the mother's body for breatfeeding also circulates through baby. If it turns sore or red consukt your doctor.



In both baby boy and girl genital appear larger than normal due to hormonal stimulation, which eventually settles down.
Baby girl may have vaginal discharge or sots of blood for few days.
A boy's testicles develop in the abdomen .They descend into scortum just before a full term birth.Occasionally, one or both testes may not have descended, in that particular situation a doctor needs to be consulted.



Understanding newborns behaviour

While the baby was inside you your body took care of his needs, now that he is seperated from you his body must take care of itself. Your newborn baby's has instincts and reflexes and working senses but he has no knowledge and experience of changes happening to him.

Your newborn has to cope with

light and darkness,
Things coming into focus and blurring away,
Feeeling of hunger and emptiness, 
sucking and burping,
Low and high sounds 
Smells and tastes,
His sleep before it develops into a reasonable pattern.


While he remains a newborn, rather than a baby who has settled down into a life outside the womb, his behaviour will be random and unpredictable.You have to make continual assesments and adjustments while you learn your baby and he learns life.

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