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Fathers during the pregnancy, birth and beyond. by Marianne Littlejohn

A father has commented on Spiritualbirth and brought to my attention that I emphasize the mothers and do not acknowledge the fathers enough. I apologize for this lack. In fact I encourage fathers to participate fully with their wives/partners in the process of birthing a baby, including the pregnancy and the parenting of their children. The lack of father-involvement is one of the major causes of antenatal and postnatal depression in mothers. Children grow and develop better

Ruth is James' youngest daughter and clearly attached to her Dad.

when their dads are part of their lives. Mothers are less afraid of giving birth when they have a good relationship with their partners. Mothers are better mothers when the father of their child is involved. Fathers also bond deeply with their babies at birth and frequently cry as their baby is born. It is easier to become a parent when you know you are loved by the father or mother of your child. This is a short post to honour the dads and how their love during pregnancy and birth contributes to the well-being of their partners as mothers and their babies. Please enjoy!



Ruan and Cecile

Ruan supported Cecile physically in the bath and encouraged her with his voice. Cecile relaxed completely in response to his loving care and she birthed her baby girl with ease.

During the pregnancy it is highly beneficial for a couple to attend hypnobirthing classes or a specialised birth workshop together. This helps parents to address the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being pregnant and giving birth. It prepares the couple to lose their inhibitions during labour and really love each other so that labour progresses more easily.



A father is supporting his partner as a cushion, and his touch elicits trust

Many fathers/partners enter the water to offer a cushion of support and strength to their partners who are giving birth. This helps a woman to be more comfortable, to trust the process and yield to the strong sensations as the baby moves through the birth canal and into the world. The father is often so involved in the process, it can feel as if he is giving birth too. We underestimate the father’s role in birth and parenting. He did, after all, contribute his 50% share in the conception, and his role as protector and provider is undeniable.


Blessed be all the fathers I have shared births with and come to respect deeply as they embrace the life giving process of fatherhood.


Peter gently clasps his son skin to skin after the birth

Pieter was a pillar of strength to Marli and supported her VBAC fully

Frank and Mbili, his firstborn daughter

Frank holding his first twin daughter while Saba paused before giving birth to the second twin



Wessel is so proud of Heloise and their second born son

Sy Ali encircling Jax and their new born son Sai



Stephen and Tyla, his daughter in conversation

Stephen is stimulation Tyla with his facial expressions

Stephen was at Tyla's birth and was the first to touch her.

Tyla responds to Dad's smile


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