VBAC Vaginal birth after c.section

VBAC after c section is becoming very popular and 60 to 80% of women who attempt a VBAC have one.


Fears about VBAC

*  explore any strong emotions associated with the first ceasarean.

*  why was the ceasarian done in the first place, was the hospital the reason.

*  was she given enough time during her labour!

*  will she have a uterine rupture?  she needs to read up on this and know that it is unlikely.

*  she must explore all the birth/labour information on the subject


Special challenges during a VBAC

*  as she enters labour she might be fearful

*  Courage and conviction will be put to the test

*  Flashbacks to her previous labour could sap her confidence

*  emotion hurdle when the last c section was done... maybe 5 cm so difficult to get past that stage

Making changes for a good birth / labour experience

Positive emotions

Knowing that this labour will not be allowed to happen as the first one did.

Getting a doula who has been at previous VBAC's who can keep the mum steady and relaxed

labour and birth without restrictions of staying in her bed

Support - surround yourself with people you respect

Knowledge - is the best tool you can ever have


+1 #4 Virginia Oosthuizen 2012-11-17 16:39
Another positive VBAC in Ballito on the 9th October with Dr Candice Roberts. Article will be under birth stories Zane Roger ter Wolbeek.
0 #3 Virginia Oosthuizen 2011-11-05 05:57
I have a lot of people to thank for this, you are one of them!!!! Thank YOU Ginny, you are THE BEST! XxX
Love Sharon and family
0 #2 Virginia Oosthuizen 2011-11-02 17:03
Hi Ginny

Thank you so much for this mail. It is heart warming that people do take the time to pay compliments instead of always complainaing.

The Parklands ladies have got what it takes. I met them when I was down there in August and I was suitably impressed.

Jane, well done for living the Netcare values, I am proud.

Sharlene Swart
National Operations Manager Stork's Nest Clinics
Netcare Limited
Park Lane Hospital
Cnr Junction & Park Lane
0 #1 Virginia Oosthuizen 2011-11-02 17:02
Hi Ginny – thanks for the lovely email – as I said it was a pleasure having you with us and you were a great help
You are welcome any time
Unit Manager
Parklands Netcare

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