Birth Stories:

Lia Kate a VBAC after 2 c.sections

Birth of Lia Kate Vercuil

Greys Hospital in PMB.

5th July 2011.

Weight: 3.74kg, head circum: 35.5cm , length 55cm.

I met Nelba in Escourt with Marianne (our midwife) a month ago.  Nelba wanted a VBAC after 2 c-sections and 1 natural birth.  This was not what any gynaecologist wanted as her BP was high among other medical problems.  Nelba spent three days at Grey’s Hospital having test after test for liver enzymes and low platelets, high cholesterol at 9.8, diabetes, you name it!!  I visited her daily with some healthy food and salads. Nelba was given the weekend at home and she arrived back into the hospital on Monday.  I received a call from her at 23h35 to say that labour had started (this was in her 37th week).  All the gynaecologists wanted her to have a c-section so I got into the car at the farm in Underberg which was over 120 km away and started the drive. Got to Nelba in her darkened ward and spoke quietly to her and she was in strong labour. I helped with some counter pressure etc and the nurses came over and started CTG etc.  After an internal she was told that she was 2cm and within a period of about 40 min she went to 6cm and a doctor told her that they were going to prep for a c-section.  At this stage she gave in to the pressure and told them that they could do what they wanted!  I kept her steady and prayed for time.  It took a while to prep Nelba and get IV in etc and by the time we waited in the corridor while the paper work was done and this gave her more time.  Nelba decided to go on all fours at this stage and it helped her so much. After another twenty minutes I pushed her bed into the lift and went down to the labour ward.  Her waters broke as we got to the ground floor.  We then got into the labour ward and waited for the anaethesist to arrive and she went through all the necessary questions.  Nelba was quietly lying on her side when she said to me that the baby was here.  I lifted her sheets and there was the baby’s head so the midwife and I went over and birthed her baby girl. She is healthy and a good weight of 3.74kg.  I put her straight up on top of her mum skin on skin and did not cut the cord till it stopped pulsating. The paed had a good look at her and gave her the thumbs up!  A happy ending to a very difficult situation of medical problems and a baby that had CP ( cerebral palsy) from a previous natural birth (he died at 17 months).  This natural birth (VBAC after 2 previous c-sections) meant so much to Nelba.  This was the healing she dreamt of.

Every time I visit her in hospital she has little Lia lying next to her and it is lovely to see her bonding with her baby. Words cannot describe how satisfying it is for a doula facing all the medical problems to be part of such a wonderful outcome. A happy mum and a healthy baby is the greatest blessing one could ask for.

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