Zoё Frances Kent


Zoe frances kent born at medi-clinic on the 28th september 2010.

Julie had a visit with her gynaecologist in the morning of the 28th Sept and gave me a call to say that she was going straight into hospital as he was not happy with the baby s weight.  Julie tried natural labour but the baby s heart rate was up and down and the midwife gave her a few hours and then called the gynaecologist and a decision was made to do a c-section as soon as possible.  Zoe was born at 16h00 and she was in perfect health. Her weight was 2.4kg. Head circum 33 and length was 49 cm.  She came straight into the ward and I did skin on skin with her and so did her dad and she stayed with us until Julie came out of the theatre.  She was breast feed by Julie within an hour.  Zoe is a very easy baby and has done really well with her breast feeding.  Julie has fed her for 6 months.  She has the nicest nature. Zoe has an older brother who had a natural birth so Julie was able to experience both a natural and c section birth.

Zoe at a year.