Birth Stories:

Tatum Zoё



BORN AT 23H59 ON THE 14th OCTOBER 2010

Weight: 2.59 kg .    Head 33cm, 49 length.


Dom telephoned me this week to say that her mucus plug had come away and that she had a few contractions.  Her doctor saw her yesterday and suggested castor oil to speed up her labour but by 21h00 Dom was still one 1 cm and Tatum had gone into distress.  So a c-section was organised for 23h30 and Tatum was born at 23h59. I was in the theatre with them and I could not stop watching the clock to see if she would be born on the 14th Oct or the 15th October but the doctor worked really fast and she was born with one minute to spare. A beautiful baby girl with fair hair and a cross face!!! So sweet..

She had a good breast feed and I left at 02h30 to drive up to Hilton in the quiet.  Always a lovely time to go over the day and the beauty of another birth.

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I am living my dream while working with mums and babies. I see mums when they are 34 weeks pregnant and then go to their homes once they go into labour. I stay for the full duration of the labour and after the birth I assist them with breast feeding. I do another visit after the birth to see that all is well and to help where I can.  Mums are always welcome to call me in the event that they have any questions, whether before or after the birth. I am passionate about my work as a doula and I care and love all the families with which I work. Once you have been present at a birth you feel part of the family and it’s wonderful to hear news of the new baby’s life as he or she grows.

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