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Lihan Bernard Nel born 1/11/11


Under a good sign.

While some of the astrologers have been going gagga over the date some of the new parents are just enjoying the birth date of their bundles of joy. Lihan was born as the 11 th baby at Parklands Hospital on the 1/11/11.   A very special date. and I was lucky to be his doula.

The telephone rang at 23h45 and I picked it up trying to think of who is about to birth. It was Bernard to say that Sharon's waters had broken a few minutes before.  Her baby was due on the 14th November so he was 2 weeks early. I was up and dressed in no time at all as I had an hour's drive down to Parklands Hospital in Durban.

Arriving at 01h00 Sharon's contractions had began and we walked and she sat on the birth ball. The night went by quickly and the staff were very busy with births.  At 04h00 I helped birth someone who had no medication and a natural labour.  She gave birth to a little boy within an hour.  I went back to Sharon and she had a headache and had started to vomit.  We had to watch carefully as her blood pressure had been high near the end of her pregnancy and this was a VBAC.  By 06h00 Sharon decided that she would have the option of an epidural as she was tired now and her BP was high.  Within minutes after the epidural her blood pressure dropped and she started to feel much better.

I tucked her up and she had a good sleep for an hour or so.  During this time she was dilating and calm.  Bernard her husband arrived and he was amazing keeping her calm.  Visualization was key to much of Sharon s labour.

At 10h30 Sharon was 7cm and by 12h00 ready to birth her baby.

Sharon pushed really well and little Lihan was born easily.  He weighed in at 3.16kg , 50cm long and 34 head circum.

Sharon had him put on her bare chest and we did delayed cord cutting which is allowing the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it.

He never left her for the first two hours, skin on skin, breast feeding and pure love.

Well done Sharon and Bernard and the girls Mia and Jenna on the birth of your baby brother and son.

Sharon you got what you deserved a beautiful natural birth after a c.section.  YOU DID IT...

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