Zara Berry


Zara Berry born on the 5th March 2012.

I spent some time with Daniyel before her birth which enabled me to get to know her well.  We swam together at the beach below 'The Oyster Box' what a good swim we had!  A few days later her gynae had decided that the baby was getting too big and her due date had passed so an induction was agreed upon.  I spent the night before the induction with Daniyel and Graham and we chatted away and went to bed early.

the following morning we were up early and got to the hospital at -5h00.  A midwife checked Daniyel and found that her cervix was posterior and she inserted 2 tablets.  After a few hours an the drip was started and her waters broken.  The labour contractions were intense but no progress.. The stronger the induction the worse the pain and so Daniyel decided to have the epidural. This did not seem to take and the pain was still very much there but now the problem was that her legs or one leg was numb so we could 'nt do any sitting on the birth ball or moving around to ease the labour pains.  Water would have helped so much but again we need to be able to move around. At one stage Daniyel asked me to see what was under her sheets because it felt like a stone..  I checked it out only to find that it was her numb foot!!!

I helped where I could and between Graham and I we tried to ease the pain for Daniyel.  Emotions were high as the couple in the next labour room birthed their baby by 3pm and we were only 2 cm dilated at that stage.

By 4pm the decision was made to do a c.section and it was the right decision.  We found the epidural had not worked because the drip had a kink in it and thus did not allow the epidural to pass through effectively. (Something I will remember for next time as we could not work out why it was not working properly) Daniyel had to have a spinal in theatre and another drip etc.  She certainly had had her fill for the day!!

Zara was born at 17h32 with a mop of dark hair and a loud voice..  she weighed a whopping 3.8kg and I was thrilled that Daniyel had her the c. section as she was posterior and a very big baby for Daniyel who only gained 5kg s during her pregnancy and her weight is around 50kg. She has a tiny frame and this was the safer route for both of them.

Zara took to breast feeding like a duck to water and she is content and sleeps a good 4 hourly.

Well done Graham and Daniyel on your gorgeous daughter named after Daniyel's favourite shop "Zara" which opened in Gateway Mall on her due date....  definitely a good omen!

It was a special time for me to share this journey with you both and I will have a special place in my heart for Zara.