Birth Stories:

Erin Grace Domleo born 26/12/2015

This is written by her Dad.


Our first family photo! Welcome to the world Erin Grace! Wow what a journey, thank you everyone for you messages of love and support and sharing our excitement and joy in the arrival of our beautiful, healthy daughter. The journey of Erin's arrival: Heather started her contractions at about 1:30am on Christmas morning. We knew that things were getting real as the contractions progressed and called our doula, Ginny, around 6am (by the way, moms and dads to be, seriously get a Ginny! More about her role later!) Getting good advice from Ginny we waited Christmas morning out at home. We went for a walk, in the driving drizzle, as recommended by Ginny to keep things progressing. As mid day came around we decided to go thru to my folks for Christmas lunch, as was our original Christmas plan...and to take first-child Zula to the farm as we knew we might not be home until...whenever! Heather went through contractions the whole day, and rode them out, usually leaning over a chair, and she never complained. We took a few walks around the farm yard, and Heather even got to enjoy Christmas lunch. As evening arrived we got hold of Ginny again, who wisely suggested that we go thru to pmb, and spend the night with Heathers folks. We went thru to pmb, and Heathers contractions got closer and more intense. We knew exactly what to Ginny! She recommended that we go to hospital, and she meet us there. Things progressed quicker then. Heathers contractions got much more intense and closer. I won't go into detail about the rest of the night and early hours of the morning for fear of putting future moms and dads off ever planning on having a naturally delivered baby! It was an intense, raw but ultimately beautiful and miraculous experience. Truly the most incredible experience that I have ever experienced. Heather refused pethadine early on, and little Erin was pushed out without epidural...quite rare these days in hospitals. I know Heather didnt refuse meds in order to be a hero, I know that her primary focus was to give birth as naturally as possible in order to give our child the best, most natural and healthiest start to life. She did use the gas tho, as much as possible! She never got stroppy with anyone in the labour ward, and never once shouted at her wide eyed husband. Character is tested under extreme conditions, and I know that my wife is a woman with amazing character, but now I am in absolute awe of her strength of character and her determination! I have the most incredible wife! Though in indescribable pain, she actually asked me how I was doing! What an incredible life partner!I watched the moment Erin arrived at 3:15am boxing day. It was surrealisticly incredibly beautiful. I won't harp on  but I hope that all future dads get to experience that moment...don't miss it for the world. Having our doula Ginny through this whole experience made it so much more enjoyable and I don't know how we would have coped otherwise. Erin wasn't lying in exactly the perfect position for birthing, she was a bit sideways, but got into position thru Ginnys help in the final half an hour before pushing time. Had she not got into position, Heather most probably would have had an emergency ceasar. Not that there is anything wrong with ceasars ( ceasars have made delivering babies very safe and predictable), but Heathers recovery time thru natural delivery has been remarkable, she didnt need a single pain killer post delivery. The labour events will quickly been forgotten with the arrival of our beautiful girl, except the overwhelming love that we feel for her! Heather and I are truly truly blessed!!

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