Birth Stories:

Zoey Louise Mardon

Birth of Zoey Louise Mardon

27th May 2011 at 19h50 in Umhlanga Hospital, Durban.

This was a hectic birth right from the start.  I was helping Megan with her baby that was born on Wednesday when I got a call from Carol to say that her labour had started and she was having contractions or surges 10 minutes apart. .  Carol was due to have an induction on the Monday the 3oth May. She was so happy that her labour had begun naturally.  Her pregnancy was now 41 weeks to the day. Carol had walked 4 kilometres to a ante-natal clinic to be with friends for the morning and her labour was then beginning to become more regular. I live in Hilton KZN which is an hour away from Umhlanga where Carol was.  I packed a quick bag and headed off to Durban with all the Gauteng traffic coming down for the Comrades.  After several attempts of finding the right address I got to Carol. Dave was waiting in the driveway and he was tense.   Carol was in the bath enjoying the warm water and her surges were coming very regularly and increasing in intensity. Dave suggested leaving for the hospital as the traffic is busy on a Friday during the rush hour.  Once Carol was out of the bath the surges where really fast and painful.  Our drive to the hospital was slow and painful for Carol.


On arriving in the parking area of the hospital I found Carol could not take a pace and another surge (contraction) started.  I rushed in and managed to locate a wheel chair and the staff at the hospital was so helpful.  Her gynaecologist came in and found her to be 5/6 cm dilated and her labour was moving fast. He gave her another 5 hours.  I thought hmmm this is moving much to fast!  Her surges just kept coming without any breaks... hectic stuff and so sore for Carol.  She felt so tired by then and wished for just a little break before the next one but this never happened and I spent a great deal of time keeping her steady.  Plenty of back rubs, leg rubs, pushing into my hands on her bum bones... You name it and Dave and I did it!  Within a short time the baby s heart rate was erratic and her gynaecologist was called again and found her to be 8 cm dilated. Carol took entonox which made a huge difference to her pain levels and helped her through her labour.  Phew!  I was happy when she was able to push and we breathed a big sigh of relief when her little girl Zoey Louise made her entrance at 19h50. She had blond hair like her mum and weighed in at 3.33kg and 53 cm length and 34head circum. “Pink and healthy.”

Well done Carol!  You deserve all the love and spoiling for the next few days. Dave you were a star who gave Carol your full support never leaving her side.  Zoey had skin on skin, delayed cord cutting and breast feeding within the hour of her birth.  Carol - you got the birth you so longed for...

It was a spiritual birth and the rainbow baby was born on her chosen day.

By Ginny Oosthuizen her doula.

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