Douglas Page

He is not too good with the breast feeding but it is getting better. He did not latch nicely. He is quite sleepy and he may be slightly yellow. Her cut is neat and she is feeling well. Three nights in hospital and she will be going home tomorrow. I will follow up at home in a day or so. Her mum is going to be with her for the next 10 days. Her 40th birthday tomorrow.I have visited her daily and the baby is well but did have a stomach wash as he had some mucus.Roz was admitted to St Anne’s Netcare hospital at 10h00. She had a planned c section. The operation was on time at 13h15 and her anaesthic was done by Mark Bainbridge. She felt no pain and her spinal was up and running in no time . She was given stemitel for nausea. The gynae Dr David Swan came in and the c-section got underway. The baby was born with forceps. He was perfect a good weight at 3.2kg and 55 cm length.. He was taken to the nursery and I stayed with my patient while she was stitched. She was hot and I used a wet facecloth (which was in my pocket) to cool her down.DOULA VIRGINIA OOSTHUIZENMIDWIFE - caesarST ANNE’S NETCARE HOSPITAL PMB.BABY BORN ON THE 19TH MAY 2009NO PARTNER.ROZ PAGE ( AGE 39.)