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Rent a birth dvd - More Business of Being Born

Dear doula mums,

As you may have already heard, we are preparing to self-release a 4-part sequel, "More Business of Being Born" and we just launched a new website where you can rent each film online for a very limited time! The second film in the series, "Special Deliveries: Celebrity Mothers Talk Straight on Birth" is available to rent online until September 26. The third film in the series, "Explore Your Options: Doulas, Birth Centers and C-Sections" will be online September 27-October 10, and "The VBAC Dilemma: What Your Options Really Are" will be available October 11-25.  These are exclusive, limited sneak-previews so don't miss this opportunity! Please click here to watch "Special Deliveries" and/or preorder your DVDs now!  Please note, all films will be available online and on DVD on November 8.

"Explore Your Options" and "The VBAC Dilemma" are Now Available For Grassroots Screenings!

Would you like to bring a screening of "More Business of Being Born" to your area?  All four films are now available to screen in any order. October is a great month to host a screening! Please contact for more information, or click here for details and to download an application to host a screening.  Would you like to find a screening near you?  Please click here.

Ricki and Abby Are Here to Discuss "More Business of Being Born" With You!

Have you watched the first two films in the "More Business of Being Born" series yet? Please check out Ricki's Forum on My Best Birth, where Ricki and Abby are answering YOUR questions about "More Business of Being Born!" You can rent "Special Deliveries" online now here.

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I am living my dream while working with mums and babies. I see mums when they are 34 weeks pregnant and then go to their homes once they go into labour. I stay for the full duration of the labour and after the birth I assist them with breast feeding. I do another visit after the birth to see that all is well and to help where I can.  Mums are always welcome to call me in the event that they have any questions, whether before or after the birth. I am passionate about my work as a doula and I care and love all the families with which I work. Once you have been present at a birth you feel part of the family and it’s wonderful to hear news of the new baby’s life as he or she grows.

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