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Genesis in Saxonwold

I went up to Gauteng last week and visited Genesis Clinic in Saxonwold. This is birthing at it's best in South Africa.  8 private wards to birth in with your private doula and midwife.  Room for your husband to stay in your king size bed when you have had your baby.  Skin on skin, delayed cord cutting and breast feeding after the birth.  No nursery at Genesis as your baby is in your own bedroom.

This is what KZN needs!!!

How Genesis Clinic works

Each mother will birth under the care of one of the private midwife practices working from the clinic. At the time of birth, her midwife will manage the labour and birth, with the support of the clinic’s staff midwives and nurses.

  • Each mom stays in her own, beautifully appointed private room through the entire labour, birth and recuperation period. These rooms are large with king sized beds and cribs to accommodate rooming in, are decorated with a touch of style to create an environment of tranquillity and comfort and open on to their own enclosed, private gardens.
  • Each room has an en suite bathroom with a birthing bath for labour as well as a shower for convenience.
  • Visiting is at the discretion of mothers, with no visiting hours stipulated by the clinic itself.
  • At Genesis Clinic, the environment and service is designed to make you feel comfortable, safe and enveloped in luxury while ensuring optimum care for you and your precious newborn.
Choosing your Practitioner
When you birth at Genesis Clinic, your primary caregiver will be a private midwife who has seen you during your pregnancy.
Please view our list of Private Midwives. When you have met with your midwife, she will refer you to one of the ob/gyns who either operate from or support Genesis Clinic.Please view our list of  Gynaecologists. This doctor will be your back-up practitioner.

What do I need to bring?
Genesis Clinic has tried to provide you with as many of the necessary supplies for your birth experience as possible.The bar fridge in your room will be stocked with a bottle of water and fruit juice.
Mom will receive a beautiful care package on admission containing the following items:
  • 1 packet of maternity pads (12)
  • 12 breast pads
  • 3 stretch panties
  • 1 packet of nappies (Huggies)
  • Vaseline
  • Surgical spirits / Wecesin powder (subject to availability)
  • Wet wipes
  • Baby wash
  • Bum cream
  • Cotton wool balls
Moms will need to bring:
  • Clothes for your newborn
  • three blankets and a towel for baby
  • Music (your room has a cd player)
  • Your camera and video camera – don’t forget cell phone chargers & batteries!
  • A bag for dad with clothes, toiletries etc.
  • Clothing for yourself – a few loose tee-shirts to labour in are usually a good idea
  • A comfy bra, bikini or tank top for labouring in water
  • Your toiletries – shampoo, face wash, toothbrush etc
  • Facecloths to use in labour
  • Candles/ images for visualization etc, if desired
Some women find it useful to bring a few special objects from home – perhaps a photograph, a religious item, or even a favourite pillow or cushion. This can help you to feel comfortable and at home and give you something to focus on during labour.

Meals at Genesis Clinic
Moms & Dads receive three wholesome cooked meals on the first day, thereafter dad’s (and any additional meals you order through our kitchen) will be charged at R45 per meal. Our meals cater for Kosher, Vegetarian and Halaal dietary preferences.



The whole idea of an active birth unit is to combine the benefits of labouring and birthing outside of the pressure of a hospital environment with the necessary advantage of having immediate and first class medical care at hand should complications arise. We therefore focus equally on the creation of comfortable, private rooms in a peaceful, natural setting and the provision of exceptional obstetric care and emergency facilities. Our goal, long term, includes the education of women on the benefits of natural childbirth, the support of new moms in all aspects of their recently acquired status such as baby-clinics, counselling, breastfeeding support and legal advice, and the fostering of a strong sense of support for women in the community.

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